SOS Blok is an action for and by students

Each exam period, a team of enthusiastic volunteers from LOKO is dedicated to support the studying students of Leuven. During this period, it is more than ever necessary to have positive prospects or light and relaxing events!

That is exactly why we organize various free relaxing activities, (virtual) study breaks and giveaways for a month,… with only one goal in mind: to support students!

For this edition, corona unfortunately puts a stop to it, but that does not discourage the team: SOS Blok goes online! What can you expect from the current online edition? Relaxing online activities such as cooking together or having a good laugh with an improvisation session, tips & tricks to make studying more pleasant, great giveaways thanks to the local traders of Leuven and more! Follow everything closely via our Facebook page and our Instagram or discover our website!

However, SOS Blok is not a new concept, it originated many years ago and was picked up by LOKO. Many events have already been organised: on-site animal farm, bouncy castles on campus, water balloon fight, free ice creams in the city park… Who knows what we will have in store for the next editions!