Move move move!

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Come on, don’t forget to move! Find some suggestions below to keep you fit and healthy!

How about a bit of walking?

Acco’s pepwalks

Together with verb(l)ind, Acco wants to support students. The academic year is not what we imagined it would be. Nevertheless, it is important to continue to focus on connection (and movement)! And connection grows out of experiencing everything together. Not between the on and off button of an online class.

That is why Acco is launching the #pepwalk during this period. They are happy to get students going and have mapped out a route. Using tips and riddles, you will discover Leuven, the student city par excellence. Come out of your room, invite someone (but keep it coronaproof) and take care of yourself and your fellow student. Because walking together is good for your lungs, head and heart. A #pepwalk gives oxygen to friendship.

Find the route and more info over here (in Dutch)!

Go with the stroll

Pangaea and UP join forces and organise several walks under the motto #gowiththestroll. Fresh air and getting to know new people in a coronaproof way: super combo! Moreover, there is something to like for everyone: from a historical-cultural walk to a mindfulness walk.

Are you up for a stroll? Take a look on the website for more info!

Or a bit of sport?

Need that extra bit of exercise? The University Sports Centre has some tips for you.

Try to plan at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity into your schedule each day. For example, walking, cycling, playing with your dog… You can also divide the 30 minutes into blocks of at least 10 minutes. So build in a more active break every once in a while, this will only improve your concentration! In need of a longer, active study break? Then definitely try the online offer of the University Sports Centre.

Taking regular breaks from moderate physical activity is one step! But be sure to plan in a more intense moment of sport two or three times a week. You will be able to concentrate better and you will maintain or improve your physical fitness. Go jogging, do jumping jacks, or… Follow an online sports session from the University Sports Centre! You can find the live lessons here.

Do you need a personal training schedule that fits in perfectly with your study schedule? Then we have an online coaching program especially for you! The ideal switch from your study time!

Change chairs regularly or study standing up for a while. Regularly changing your posture is important and ensures less one-sided strain. For longer, more active breaks, check out the online offer of the University Sports Centre!

Have you ever heard of a name workout? In this picture, you can find an exercise for each letter. Form your name or another fun word and do the workout! Perfect for a short active break!

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